David Salisbury

Brand Film + Photography + Social

Finest in the Market

David Salisbury creates bespoke orangeries and garden rooms with exceptional quality, the best on the market! With competition hot on their heels utilising video content, David Salisbury wanted to be recognised as the leader in their market by using OLCO Studios’ high-end production to reflect the quality of their own products.

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Social Version

Brand Campaign

We planned and executed a content marketing campaign that included multiple forms – a Hero Brand Ethos Video, shorter social cuts, images and GIFs. We acquire the majority of this content during the shoots for the hero video, we really “squeeze the juice” from every opportunity, in-turn finding far more value for our clients compared to a typical one-off corporate video.

People want to know the maker

Through extensive experience, we discovered just how much people care about where their products have come from. This was integral to the campaign and by showing the people behind the products, we could build trust with our audience.

Behind the Scenes

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with David Salisbury and we’ve established a fantastic ongoing relationship with the team. Seeing the planning, time and craftsmanship that goes into all their products was very special!

“The whole company is thrilled with the content! We loved working with you guys and look forward to some more collaboration next year.”

Karen BellMarketing Director