Send a Cuddly

Photo + Video + Social Management

Creating an identity for modern times

Over the past 5 years Send a Cuddly have established themselves as one of the UK’s leading Soft Toy Gift companies. They were now looking towards the future.

Capturing hearts and minds

We produced a powerful 16-second video that captured the imagination and hearts of new customers online. Over 300,000 thousand views, 1400 likes and hundreds of comments from people all around the globe. Just from one 16 second video.

Video Views

Bringing products to life with characterful photography

To capture an online audience you need photos with character. We opted for a 50mm lens, the closest magnification to our human eyes. With eye-level camera angles, we produced images which emulated a Cuddly being right in front of the customer. Through professional lighting and accent colours, we brought the Cuddlies to life.

Orders of products with new photography

Building a Foundation

The brand’s online presence did not reflect the quality of its products or first-class service. We began by reviewing the company to understand what made them unique from other cuddly competitors.

Sell the experience…not product

Our research showed that the customer experience is what makes Send a Cuddly so special and loved, not just the toys themselves. Our focus turned to creating content that would help translate this vision.

Social Media Explosion

We created a unique selection of images and GIF’s specifically made for Send a Cuddly’s social media. After we ran a targeted ad campaign, we saw a mass surge in engagement, impressions and online orders.

Increased Revenue
Increased Page Likes
Increased Website Conversion Rate

“We have been completely overwhelmed by the results. We finally have content that represents the quality of our service.”

Bella Pritchard-Barrett, Co-Founder – Send a Cuddly