Building a brand from scratch

Exmoor Distillery is a new company looking to make big steps in the alcohol sector. We were tasked with building a brand from scratch and creating an identity online that would allow the distillery to stand out.

A stag, a bottle and thousands of views

We produced a video to launch Northmoor Gin. At the heart of the video stood rare breed stags amongst Exmoor’s vast rugged landscape. The video was a huge success and clocked up over 20 thousand views.

People want to know the maker

Through extensive research, we discovered just how much people care about where their produce has come from. Therefore by showing the distiller at work, we built a base of trust with our audience through the use of GIFs.

Using aerials to evoke emotion

We used aerial technology to capture the vast beauty of Exmoor. People buy into a place, not just the product. To create a bond with our audience, we use images of Exmoor to evoke emotion and build a connection.

Social Media

We provided a full social media management service, from strategy to creating the content and delivering the output. We also do the often overlooked things like, personally replying to comments from the community to stimulate engagement and build a connection with our audience.

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Avg. Weekly Engagement

Ranking on the 1st page of Google

Our blog posts targetted specific keywords and used SEO to rank the distillery on the first page of Google. After that, the blog became the websites most popular page with thousands of views every month.

“The videos left us speechless and we’ve been able to build up a big following online”

John Smith – Exmoor Distillery, Co-Founder