Just Hold On

The Fastest Snowboarder on Earth

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The Fastest Snowboarder on Earth

Despite a career ending injury and being told he could never snowboard again, Jamie Barrow embarks on a seemingly impossible mission to become the world’s fastest snowboarder. Pushing the limits of what’s possible on a snowboard, and with sheer perseverance, Jamie must battle physical and mental challenges.

After assembling a team crazy enough to help, and equipment strong enough to endure the harsh conditions, Jamie survives 2 of the fastest snowboard crashes in history that nearly cost him his life; before going on to reach a new world record of over 200kph on a perilous frozen lake in Norway.

Currently in post-production.

Nikki Faulkner

Stunt Driver

The most famous stunt driver you’ve never heard of. Nikki has spent his career pulling off some of the most audacious stunts in productions like Mission Impossible, Rush, Kingsmen, Top Gear and The Grand Tour. Nikki is a light-hearted and cheeky character, known for his pranks, he's been huge fun to work with!